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What Makes Foot Reflexology Work?

It is a system of healing through the application of
constant thumb and finger pressure, properly
administered to the different reflex points. Thousands
of these nerve endings are found in both feet.

Through the use of Reflexology a mind-body connection

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is made. Sensitive pressure points when stimulated
create a reflex activity in the corresponding part of
the body. The end result is to unblock congested nerve
pathways that lead to increased nerve response and
blood circulation. Reflexology, then, initiates a mode
of self healing, pain control, strengthened immune
system, and reduced stress and tension that can lead
to many modern medical problems. It is not uncommon
for clients to report increased energy and clearer
thinking as part of the health experience.

Reflexology is considered by many to be specific
medicine, as it were, for musculoskeletal pain and
spasms of the neck and back, hip, pelvis, shoulder,
arm, leg, foot, and for headache pain.  Because of the
physiological connection between the body, mind, and
the electrical reflexes on your feet, Reflexology is
considered to be powerful "energy medicine"
for the many maladies of modern living.
Everyone should take advantage of the benefits from reflexology. You can apply pressure to your feet, hands, ears and face daily, or go to receive treatment from a professional.